Van Dell Jewelers is the largest designer and maker of fine equestrian jewelry in the United State. In business since 1939, Van Dell designs and retails quality jewelry from each of its three Florida locations (Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens). “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Robert Dover for the past 20+ years,” says Jack Van Dell. “Our company has been providing awards and presentation pieces to the equestrian industry for years. So, when Robert approached me to participate as a sponsor of his unique new show, I agreed immediately. All of the Van Dell family wishes Robert success with Search.”

The fields of Hampton Green Farm in Michigan are full of new life. Seven foals have been born to HGF mares from their breeding stallions and are enjoying the warm days and cool nights of a Michigan summer. This year's class is predominantly female (five fillies, two colts), and all show good bone, color, and suspension. HGF extends congratulations to the new owners, and also an invitation to prospective buyers to contact us as they will not be available for long.

"Hampton Green Farm, dedicated to the development of the Pure Spanish Horse for Dressage in America, is pleased to sponsor America's Search for the next Dressage star.  We are thrilled to be a part of this effort to bring the beauty and excitement of our sport to a larger American audience."

Resisting the trend toward cheaper production methods using foam rubber panels and plastic trees, County saddles continue to be painstakingly handmade on our laminated beechwood trees, covered in the worlds finest leather, and flocked with pure wool to maximize your horses' comfort and fit. As one of the few saddlery companies in the world which actually make their own trees, County sets the industry standard in design and innovation.

Our traditional methods take longer and require a higher degree of craftsmanship, but once you sit in a County, we know you will agree that the results are clearly worth it. Although we custom make saddles for many of the worlds leading riders, our commitment to quality and detail is reflected in every saddle we make, including the one we will make for you.

Gene Freeze, CEO, explains “Country Saddlery is proud to be a part Robert’s first effort in equestrian television.  Having had the chance to witness first-hand part of the competition, I want to salute the individual contestants.  Each of the six are a credit to our extraordinary sport.  It is almost too bad that there could be but one winner as all of them are winners in my book!”

RV Sales of Broward is in the business of providing housing to those who seek all the comforts of home while on the road. Clients include professional athletes, well know recording artists, film and television casts and crews, equestrians, corporate personnel and families on the go. As a lifestyle company, RV Sales of Broward sells and rents mobile living solutions at every level from pop-up campers to luxury coaches; with an emphasis on sharing with their clientele the ultimate travel experience.

Gigi Setler, President of RV Sales of Broward, is herself an avid equestrian. Her involvement in the horse world has enabled her to share her business services with her friends on the circuit. Always a sponsor of equestrian events, Ms. Stetler was thrilled to participate in “The Search for America’s Next Equestrian star”. As someone who knows what it’s like to work her way up from the bottom, Gigi was excited to support the showcase of hard working fellow equestrians. “They started at the crack of dawn and went all day” comments Stetler.

The living accommodations for the contestants were provided by RV Sales of Broward. Being put up in two 40 foot travel trailers created and interesting environment for all those involved. As Gigi points out, “…if you want to get to know someone, stay in an RV with them.”

RV Sales of Broward may be reached at 888-587-3337 has followed the birth and growth of the American Equestrian Star: Dressage since it was just a dream. We were pleased to have been in attendance during the production and had first hand association with these remarkable individuals who were chosen as contestants. Our congratulations to Robert Dover and Brave St. Productions for their perseverance in seeing a dream become a reality. This is a solid example of what future equestrian television can be … unique and entertaining. We are proud to have played a role in helping this dream becoming a reality.
Grand Prix Feed & Supplies is a feed store for horses. Grand Prix has been in existence for 14 years as a family-owned and operated business. In the beginning, we only sold shavings from Canada. Soon after, we expanded to include selling hay from Canada as well.  As our reputation for quality and service grew, Grand Prix was approached by many feed companies to carry their product. Today, Grand Prix is a full-service feed store with hay, shavings, a wide variety of feed, horse and barn supplies.
Robert Dover has been a long-time loyal customer and friend to Grand Prix. In turn, Grand Prix has supported Robert Dover in various endeavors and charitable activities. When Robert approached Grand Prix with his “Search” project, we considered it a perfect way to properly showcase equestrians. Robert Dover is the perfect person to pursue such a venture.  

Dr. Robert P. Boswell of the Palm Beach Equine Clinic and Dr. Brendt Carnathan, now with Franklin Equine Services, consider it an honor to sponsor Robert Dover’s “Search” and flattered to have been asked to do so.

Dr. Boswell has been in equine practice for 22 years. “I first met Robert prior to the ’92 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain when I took care of his stallion, Lectron. Robert took home the Bronze medal from those games; we have remained friends since.” Dr. Boswell’s interest includes lameness, pre-purchase exams and advance diagnostic imaging (digital radiography, ultrasonography and nuclear scintigraphy). Dr. Boswell continues, “I am honored to be a part of this project and can’t thank Robert enough for his trust and confidence in me, our practice and he efforts to bring equestrian sports into more people’s homes.

Dr. Boswell is also the founder and past president of the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners, an organization dedicated to providing continuing, relevant and current education for equine practitioners in the State of Florida. For more information on the FAEP, please visit HYPERLINK ""

Leony is a division of Broome International, LLC and located in the heart of New York City.  Renown outerwear designer, Leontyne Broome, brings 25 years experience of designing for labels such as Anne Klein Coats, Perry Ellis Coats, Michael by Michael Kors and London Fog together with her lifelong passion for horses to produce the most creative and sophisticated equestrian fashion available.
"People should be able to live their lives while looking good,” claims Leontyne.  “You don't have to compromise looking fabulous for practicality.  Whether you are a spectator or a participant your clothing can perform for you and at the same time give you a great sense of style.  You can also coordinate your dog and horse.  Give them a great sense of style in garments that function for them as well."
The features that distinguish Leony apparel from others are the attention to detail and the fabric selection.  Contemporary fabrications such as micro-suedes and bonded fleeces are used in the designs making the garments, including dog coats and horse accessories, breathable, water resistant and easy to care for at home.
“We are proud to be sponsors of Robert’s innovative reality series featuring dressage,” says Leontyne. “Not only does this show support this wonderful sport of dressage, we have had an opportunity to participate with young people who are tomorrow’s showcase. Congratulations to each of the six finalists! You are a credit to all of us who love dressage!”

The Weiss Family Chiropractic Center, located in Wellington, FL is a husband and wife business dedicated to helping make what's wrong, right!   Drs. Bradley and Cetty, parents of four children, have been in business together for 22 years and pride themselves on being not just professionally capable, but genuinely caring for the health of their patients. 
Introduced to dressage through their daughter, Arianne, age 19, the Weiss' created the Junior/Young Riders Clinic, now operating in its 5th year.  "Young riders should be exposed to the same talent as more established riders," claims Cetty Weiss.  "We have had incredible participation from major dressage talent, including Robert Dover.  These talented people have provided young riders with a glimpse of opportunity as well as technique.  It has been a remarkable experience for instructors, young riders and parents alike."
The 2008 Junior/Young Riders Clinic will be held in Wellington, FL on March 8 and 9, 2008.
Dr. Weiss continues, "When we learned of Robert's reality show, we wanted to contribute.  Little did we know that "contribute" meant feeding the contestants for the month of competition!  Just kidding!  These are wonderful young people and we feel fortunate to have been able to get to know them and experience their highs and lows over the course of the competition.  All are to be congratulated!"
Weiss Family Chiropractic Center
11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd.
Wellington, FL   33414
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